William Peterson Quotes

There`s no doubt that the planet`s warming, but who knows how it`s going to affect the coastal systems, ... It certainly was an odd year. If we could figure out what might have caused it, then maybe we could predict it in the future.

`The aim is to balance the terror of being alive with the wonder of being alive.` This caption from Carlos Castaneda is written across the bottom of a painting of a nude man, who balances precariously on an overhead beam. The caption could serve as the motto of much of Woody`s work, both his figures and his landscapes. If his panoramic landscapes sweep away to a distant horizon and leave you with a heart-stopping sense of your own solitude, his nude figures expose the raw existential isolation at the very core of the human condition.

We`re trying to raise awareness of fallen heroes. We support our president and his decision. We`re proud of our military.

IDC realized over a year ago that the Linux movement was imminent, and at that point in time decided to pull Linux out of the ubiquitous and otherwise ignored `Other` category in operating environment reporting, ... The reasons IDC decided to treat Linux as it would any other operating system included the belief that Linux had potential to progress beyond its current state, demand-side studies that showed marked Linux usage in a number of industries, and customer demand for expanded Linux research.

I hope things get better.

By 2000, he had embarked on an ambitious series of figure paintings, usually captioned with an aphorism from poetry or philosophy, and charged with stark physical and metaphysical deliberations.

Human transience, always an essential if unstated aspect of his landscape paintings, became an overt theme when Woody turned to the human figure as a subject.

I was going to go again, but the price of gas is so high,

The water is very cold and productive. It`s the way we would expect it to be, ... But the animals that depend upon the ocean being productive in the spring and the early summer are dead. It`s not going to help them any.

I think it`s important for me being a veteran player to be out there, ... Not to take anything away from Curtis or Corey, because they`re going to gain experience throughout the season, but there are certain things that you just can`t learn without experience. So going into the first game, we need a win and I`d like to be out there on the field.

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