Thomas Hill Quotes

I`m selfish. We could have been here when I played at Lancaster. I wasn`t going to miss my friend win this. I`ve seen these kids grow up since sixth or seventh grade.

we cannot eliminate that risk (of a disturbance) entirely, no matter what we do.

You are going to make more, so it stands the reason you should pay more, ... Like most things, you pay for what you get and if you look at a student in the College of Engineering, they are looking at a higher starting salary than most.

We have got about $30,000, and we have some commitments. We have got a commitment from the university by way of the president, a commitment from the city of Ames and the government of the student body.

Since then there has been some rethinking and the goal has been raised because we are looking at trying to also generate some operating funds. To get the renovation is one thing, but then once it`s renovated, we need funds to operate it.

We need to work on staging events to minimize the chances of future disturbances.

If you talk to students and people who frequent it, they would probably love to have a new facility, but you are talking about money.

It`s not a mandate. If you can make it work where you have operations, whether that`s in North America or Western Europe or South America, that`s not an issue. The issue is, if you have a target, you may want to look at low-cost-countries as an option.

We have a criminal system that makes mistakes. If you accept that proposition, that means you have to be prepared for the inevitability that some are sentenced to death for crimes they didn`t commit,

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