Slash Quotes

Sex and drugs go hand in hand when you`re a rock `n` roll musician. If I were a violinist, it might be a different matter.

(Jeff Beck) is one of the most amazing guitar players the world has seen when it just comes to rock and roll guitar. He`s a real organic player.

For me to sound like "me" I have to have a Marshall. That`s just the way it is.

(on writing his memoir, "Slash") The only reason I wrote it is because a lot of the stuff I was reading and seeing about the band got pretty frustrating. I just had to straighten out some sh*t.

I played a birthday party once and Eric Clapton goes, he goes `Oh, he can play.`

Guns N` Roses are perceived as dangerous, because we`re so unpredictable and prepared to take chances. And to be a real anarchist you need a lot of integrity to follow it through.

We`re just a band. We don`t have to be the `cool` thing or the `in` thing. It`s real important we get out there and express ourselves and play.

I`m pretty shy and quiet. But I am short-tempered. I like to read. I like to draw. That`s probably a real contrast to what`s been written about me so far.

I probably give the impression of being a real a**h*le most of the time, but I`m not really that bad.

I`m just a guitar player in a band that`s doing really well right now.

Everything about (Axl) as a performer and singer comes from his personality, so the sh*t that makes him crazy or the sh*t that he finds hard to deal with is, at the same time, what makes his talent.

Axl is not a person who wants to spend even one second in a police station if he can avoid it.

Some of Axl`s lyrics are f**king hilarious!

The biggest fights are between me and Axl. But that`s also what makes it happen.

I’m a huge Axl fan,, but he’s got one way of doing things which I just don’t understand.

We signed our record deal on our own terms and did things our own way. We told people that we were gonna do just what we said we`d do and that`s the only way we`d sign a contract.

Rock n` roll is about attitude and rebellion. It`s supposed to be fun and spontaneous.

We want freedom.

I got this reputation for being drunk all the time but I`m actually not that bad. I`m actually a nice shy kid.

The problem is when people try to control us, we do the opposite of what they`re tryin` to get us to do!

Of course, we had rough times, but if you want something bad enough then you stick it and make the best out of things.

I always knew I wanted to be in a band.

I`m too psychotic behind the wheel, I`d kill somebody. I always want to drive when I`m drunk. It doesn`t really interest me as much when I`m sober. I get drunk and I want to drive fast, and I just know it`s gonna get me into big trouble one day if I don`t watch out.

I certainly wouldn`t ignore someone who came up and asked for an autograph.

One day you`re gonna wake up and you`ll be 30 years old and you won`t have done a damn thing with your life.

When it`s not a turn-on anymore, that`s when we quit. We`re not going to be one of those bands who say well, we gotta keep going out there even though we hate every minute of it.

I only get concerned about money when the electricity goes out. Then you have to do acoustic records.

Back in the Eighties, record-industry producers tried to impress us by showing us their collection of gold and platinum records. We were like, "Do you have anymore Jack Daniels?

I remember one time I was running from one side of the stage to the other, and I suddenly noticed Axl was running from the opposite direction and that I wasn`t going to be able to get out of his way. Immediately went into a tuck and roll, and he jumped over the top of me. And I didn`t miss a note! It was cool.

“When you watch the news and you see what`s going on everywhere else, it is f**king Paradise, this place. You can get away with murder here. I`m just waiting for this place to selfdestruct and the record companies to drop off into the ocean and everything. Will mean nothing.”

"They still try and label us as a glam band but I don`t give a sh*t because we`re not."

“You couldn`t really hate us because the band`s real. Regardless of whether you like us or not, we`re going to go on and still do what we do."

“Did anybody hear me singing on “Paradise City”? I do that every night now.”

“When we first met him he was Mike Clink and then after a while with us he was Mike Clink plus 15-20 years. After we finished the album there was a complete difference. Then he started going out, he started screwing around with all these different girls, he broke up with his girlfriend. Then he started getting difficult about jobs. He started getting real picky.”

“I don’t like headphones ‘cause they’re little and they sound puny. I like a big sound.”

“Interviewer: Myself and many other people feel that your Appetite For Destruction album
is brilliant.
Slash: Brilliant? Interesting, maybe, cool, maybe, but brilliant?”

"The cool thing is that in reality you can`t put a label on us. Come down to our shows and watch us. You`ll see that there`s every kind of fan at our shows. There’s the hardcore metal heads, there`s the hardcore punks, all kinds of people. There`s that whole whitefaced make-up with the black hair scene and then all the really young kids that have just gotten out of junior high school.”

"Y`know, you got make choices in life. You can`t keep on following bands around your whole life and partying out. One day you`re gonna wake up and you`ll be 30 years old and you wont have done a damn thing with your life.”

“If I had one wish, I`d ask for a constant supply of Marlboros.”

"I try and get my sleep but I`m just a naturally excitable person and can`t get much sleep on the road. We always seem to be on the bus at night. My whole personal life is wrapped up in this band and its real real hard to separate the two. I like to drink and hang out a lot. I have a steady girlfriend, but I only see her twice a year when I`m not touring."

"Longevity ain`t a problem for us at all. Longevity is something that everybody else thinks about, not us. We`re just going to keep doing this until its no fun anymore. I know that`s almost a cliche but it`s true. When its not a turn-on anymore, that s when we quit. We`re not going to be one of these bands who say. `well, we got to keep going out there even though we hate-every minute of it."

"I got this reputation for being drunk all the time but I`m really not all that bad. I`m actually a nice shy kid."

"We`re not stupid. Axl doesn`t do drugs or hardly drink anymore. He lives to be on that stage. He eats, sleeps and plays. That`s it. Izzy hardly even smokes anymore. Steven doesn`t have any problems in those regards and Duff and I drink. I`m not a practicing drug addict anymore."

"The sense of humor inside the band suits me fine. I don`t have to go down to the Comedy Shop to get a joke. I can find that here."

"The last job I had was in a music store and I got fired. One job I never even showed up at because Motley Crue was recording in L A. so I went to hang out outside the studio.”

"We improvise the whole time we`re playing. A lot of times we won`t know that song we`re gonna do and I`ll suggest one and we`ll debate it right there on stage. Sometimes I`ll start improvising and they`ll know not to mess around until I`m finished and I give them a nod. We do go off on our individual things but it somehow all stays together. We do the whole show like that. We screw up every so often but not that much."

"My peers s*ck. They`re really bad. I hope that in another five years Guns N` Roses isn`t considered another Poison or Kingdom Come. I hope were remembered as being different. I mean were in a bad time for rock`n roll now. It`s like here in the late `80s, people just amt doing anything from their soul. It`s turned into a very business and money oriented type industry. I would hope that we`re a bit away from that as far as the music goes. Don`t forget we didn`t have to play any games to get signed. We told people that we were gonna do just what we said we`d do and that`s the only way we`d sign a contract. And we stuck to it."

“Our songs are basically Axl. Like 80% is Axl, 15% Izzy, and 5% me and Duff just adding words here and there.”

“I didn’t know those kids had died until I went to a pub with Alan Niven. When he told me, he was just short of crying. That changed the whole thing. From such a high to such a low, it was too much. We never felt that carefree again”. (Talkin about Donnington).

“I’m pretty positive that during the ‘70s and early ‘80s, music got to be so tucking commercial, and run by money. It was tucking stale and predictable and boring. People were getting forced to buy it, and when people saw and heard us they understood that we were genuine, so they went for it. I don’t wanna sound egotistical, but at the time we were the only ones out there doing it.”

“We were rebels. We are rebels, and there weren’t any rebels around in the early ‘80’s. f**k, even Punk got to be a fashion, and then it was dead. So the whole element of Rock, that whole attitude, disappeared. We brought it back in a way. Kids got into it. All the way from little kids who don’t wanna take a bath at night to teenagers who are generally f**ked up anyway, right through to people who relate to this sh*t from their youth”.

“I said Ooops’... I know that things like this add to our image. I understand that now, but still - who cares? “And when Axl said that this was gonna be his last show with the band at the first Stones gig he was just p*ssed off at something. He’s done it before, when he was even more p*ssed off. We don’t calculate this sh*t. We’re not creating a hype. I can’t figure us out, so why analyze it? I reckon it’s just that our lives are a whole lot deeper than the press can print on a f**king page.” (About the American Music Awards, where he and Duff showed up drunk).

"The thing was that when Izzy left it became impossible. I couldn`t deal with Axl on my own and the band stopped being what it originally was. Originally Izzy could deal with Axl, I could deal with Izzy and Duff could deal with me. Steven also played his part. And that`s how it was. We all had a way of dealing with each other and it all balanced out. After Izzy left it became something else.”

"We ain`t dead yet"

"In all honesty, I think Guns N` Roses will be one of those bandsthat will be around forever!"

"We`re the kind of band we liked when we were kids, defenitely a people`s band"

"A bottle (of Jack Daniel`s) a day for five years, that`s what I was doing... you have really bad breath in the morning - you know, you can`t have sex in the morning till you`ve brushed your teeth, which is a real f**king drag".

"It was success that screwed us up".

"Axl is just an other version of Ayatollah".

"...It`s not so much how good a player you are, it`s how cool you are".

"I don`t think it (his guitar) is a phallic symbol. I don`t think it is a symbol for anything. Basically, as far as what I use it for it`s just something to hide behind, because I`m quite shy".

"I`ve got my f**king bag full of clothes and that`s everything, right? And I`ve got my cooler. I`ve got my booze in there and that`s all I f**king need".

"Me n` Axl are so unalike that we attract each other".

I don`t do cocaine anymore. Well, only occasionally.

"I wrote some cool sh*t when I was high".

"Rock `n` Roll is, like,get laid and f**king go out and... well, y`know"...

I never want to draw attention to myself, but that's all I do.

There are people who have an image of me as being rude and inconsiderate. But I'm completely the opposite, because I was raised not to be. I might have been tripping over myself drunk, but I was always courteous.

Guitars are like women. You'll never get them totally right.

Risk isn't a word in my vocabulary. It's my very existence.

I'm intimidated by singing. I can carry a tune and I can cover a melody, but I just hate expressing myself verbally — especially in the form of a song — to the point that I don't even like to hum to myself.

Axl and I came from completely different backgrounds. Because of that we made an interesting pair trying to figure each other out.

Between the Beatles and the Stones, my dad liked the Stones, so there was definitely an innate gene that I got from him.

When I was a kid, I got jobs so I could get cigarettes, beer, and something at the A&P. That's how I see money. It's never been a motivating factor.

Being told no was the big thing ever since I can remember. And that was always getting in the way of creativity.

I used to think Les Paul was a guitar. I didn't know he was a real guy. When I got to know him, I found out that if you're really obsessed, he was the guy you'd want to be like. He was always trying to find an answer for what he was looking for in his mind. If things didn't exist, he built them himself. He single-handedly created what I consider "popular music."

It's a constant quest to find that harmony, to connect with it, where everything that you want to come out of it comes out. Those moments are rare, but they're like drugs: Once you get going on it, you're constantly jonesing for it.

When I see footage of Guns N' Roses, I see that f**king hunger and attitude. You could not f**k with those five guys. It was just raw. It was this lean, hungry thing on its way up. It was as sincere as any rock 'n' roll that I've ever heard, and I'm proud of that.

It's not something you can find. There's a moment you arrive at — there's no words for it. A bunch of people come together at this place where a note hits your heart and your brain tells your finger where to go. It's an otherworldly thing, like when a painter gets the right combination of colors together.

If I could hang out with Jimi Hendrix, it wouldn't be over dinner.

Musicians never actually talk about music.

Heroin is a great f**king drug, but it's evil.

I had my chemically induced overdoses and alcohol poisoning and all that. I would just keep pushing it and pushing it. I had absolutely no fear of not waking up. But ultimately the clarity seeps through. If I'm going to be here, then I'm going to have to be able to do what it is I'm here to do.

My grandmother was really the last person to call me Saul. The people who call me Saul are fans who want to have that personal connection. I'm not sure what the psychology behind that is. But I'm assuming they want to get beyond Slash.

It's not like I'm Brad Pitt, but I get recognized pretty regularly. The other night I went to see a friend of mine play. When I arrived, there was just too much attention. The hardest thing about being a rock star is not being a rock star.

The split between Axl and I was a quiet one. But because there was so much attention on the breakup — and are we going to get back together? — it got built up into this monster that led to a kind of animosity that wasn't the focus for me. Neither one of us wants to be down each other's throats for no reason. At this point, I'm trying to put it to rest. So I try to avoid the subject.

When it comes down to it, I like being with one person that I'm comfortable with and who it means something with. But I have no complaints about some of the experiences I've had.

I don't know if that giraffe was trying to kiss me. But it was an experience. Have you ever seen a giraffe's tongue? It's about two feet long.

It's par for the course for me to find the one girl that is the most exciting, outspoken, and flamboyant — the most crazy. You just have to meet my wife.

Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I'm just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life.

No interest. I don't tell my kids about those days. One is seven. The other is nine. One is really into his skateboard. I look at him and see myself, and I'm like, "Just do it, man!"

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