Sid Haig Quotes

When I went to school - Pasadena Playhouse - we were taught that the obligation of the actor is twofold; to entertain - and to educate. We don`t educate. So I`ve taken that onto myself. Now, am I a good educator? I don`t know. If someone latches onto a concept of mine, then I`ve taught well; otherwise, I`ll have to rethink my stand on things. But, in a country where individualism is supreme and synonymous with being an American, it`s all vanished - it`s all gone now. You go to college, and you know what you learn in college? How to work for somebody else. I teach an acting class for teenagers in the summer - I have for the past fourteen years. I don`t encourage them to go to college: you want to be an actor? Be an actor. If you have to starve to do it, starve to do it. But if you`re not passionate about what you want to do, you won`t be good at it.

Well, for one reason or another, I felt it was necessary to keep making money in the business. I`ve done over 350 episodics, in either feature or starring roles, and 34 films. I felt at the time I had to do that, because I had a family. I had the choice of falling back on selling cars or whatever (nothing against car salesmen) or purposefully taking on the lion. Walking right into the den and saying Here I am, and you`re going to have to deal with me." And that`s what I did. Was I a successful father? Maybe not. Was I a successful husband? Probably not. Was I a successful actor? Probably not."

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