Rupert Grint Quotes

(Answering to "Is Emma Watson actually bossy like Hermione?") I`d tell you, but she`d hurt me.

"Being famous is wicked, but it`s better to be normal."

"Too bad brooms can`t really fly. Now if you miss the bus you can`t just go in your room and fly to school with a nimbus two thousand!"

"Oh, they`re scary. To think that people are going to be playing with you!" (About Harry Potter action figures)

"Fans asking for my autograph is really weird. It`s hard to get used to."

"All my brothers and sisters and friends have really helped me. They make my life normal. I still have arguments with my brother. And the little ones don`t really understand. They just treat me like Rupert. Which is brilliant, really."

"I`ve tried several disguises and stuff but that doesn`t work. I do get recognised sometimes but it`s cool,"

"Things at home didn`t change much. I still have to clean my own room!"

(Rupert would also like to play Malfoy): "He`s pretty nasty all times, and that would be quite fun. It would be cool to have the audience against me."

"When I read the books, I imagined that the family of Ron Weasley was my family. After reading the books, I knew the Weasleys inside out."

"It`s really weird to get recognized and people call you `Ron.`"

"I am the biggest "Harry Potter" fan; I even was before I knew there was going to be a film. I read all the books. The fourth one is amazing. It`s scary, but I like all the books. You`ve got to read them all to get the complete Harry Potter experience. In the third book, I like all the bits about Scabbers being an Animagus. And I like that Ron gets an owl."

(about "don`t be an assiduous student in school"): "There is some truth in that statement. I don`t like school, which makes it easier for me not to do my homework. Evidently, my professors aren`t very happy, and being in the "Harry Potter" movies doesn`t give me any special treatment. For example, when I returned to school after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) finished shooting, I had several hours of detention because I hadn`t done my schoolwork."

I do get one chance to dance, I had to dance with Maggie Smith. That was the only dancing experience I had, which was actually quite enough really. (about his dancing experience with Maggie Smith in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

I found out that you could audition by sending a picture of yourself and some information to Newsround.

I was really nervous. Even when I left the audition I was nervous.

I always wanted to go into acting.

The characters in the book grow up with us. My voice has broken as well.

We just started filming, and after every scene was shot, we had a rehearsal for the next one.

I get recognised sometimes, and that`s really cool. I`ve tried certain disguises, but that doesn`t work.

I`m shorter, I don`t have as many freckles as Ron, and I can`t do magic.

I want Ron to stand up to Malfoy and punish him.

I`d like to have the flying car, I think that`d be really cool.

Ron was always my favorite character, because I feel like I relate to him, like we`ve both got red hair, we both like sweets, we`ve both got lots of brothers and sisters.

After being in Harry Potter, I believe a bit more in magic than I did before.

I`ve just started school again, and it was a bit strange to start off with; it took me three or four days to get used to it. My friends have been great, they`ve been treating me normally.

One in the third film, I`m looking forward to meeting one of the Dementors.

I like all Jim Carrey films. They`re really funny.

I think coughing up slugs was quite hard. Ron has a scene where he has to cough up these giant slugs.

We had a script reading, and that`s where we met J.K. Rowling, which was really exciting.

For me the stunts are so cool, they`re one of my favourite things when we`re doing the film.

But I like all the books. You`ve got to read them all to get the complete Harry Potter experience.

Yeah, my parents help me keep my feet on the ground.

I`d like to levitate.

Well one of the times I did a stunt was in the devil`s snare room and they lifted me up on a harness and a safety rope really, really high, and they just dropped me down into the devil`s snare.

Don`t have a favorite subject, I think I want to carry on doing this because I really enjoy it.

Well, before I knew there was going to be a film. I was the biggest Harry Potter fan. I read all the books.

Being famous is wicked. But it`s better to be normal.

We had a dialogue coach. She helped us with our T`s.

I am a really big Harry Potter fan and I`ve seen all the sets, I`ve lived Harry Potter and I don`t think it`s destroyed the books at all, I think it`s really spot on.

The most challenging scene for me was the spider scene, because I don`t like spiders in real life. Even rubber ones I get really scared of.

I especially like Ron. Sometimes you feel so sorry for him because he`s always getting stuff from his brothers. And he`s got a fat, lazy rat.

People recognize me, call me Ron, and ask me questions. It`s really cool and weird as well.

Every time I come off-set, I am just like a normal kid again.

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