Roger Daltrey Quotes

I was the original pop star, knocking off as many birds as you could get in one night. Pete`s got a bit of a chip, because I used to get all the girls.

I don`t have any illusions anymore. The illusion that rock `n` roll could change anything - I don`t believe that. I`ve changed. Who would have ever thought that I`d end up saying that I want to be an all-around entertainer? But that`s what I want to be.

(on The Who`s performance at Woodstock) It was the worst gig we ever played.

You know, I was a school rebel. Whatever they said do, I didn`t do. I was totally anti-everything. I was a right bastard, a right hard nut. I just totally closed the doors to ever wanting to know what they had to teach me. Rock & roll was the only thing I wanted to get into.

Of course, chicks keep popping up. When you`re in a hotel, a pretty young lady makes life bearable.

I don`t want to stop and I don`t think Pete (Pete Townshend) does. We`re at the pinnacle of our decline.

I know without our fans and the devotion of our fans we wouldn`t be here. I don`t mean to put them down, but I`m just stating a fact that it is hard to play to people that see you all the time and it takes a lot of fun out of it in some ways.

We were too rough at the edges to be a pop group.

But contrary to what some people seem to think, I was never a bully. I was just a hard man.

We weren`t wealthy but we definitely weren`t poor. We were incredibly rich because there was a wonderful community in Shepherd`s Bush, where I grew up. All my friends were into villainy and crime.

Part of the early Who career was all about knocking people`s confidences out.

It was fun to sing somebody else`s song.

I wanted to be in a band that shared ideas and were in it together.

I always used to develop a cold going into the studio.

First of all, you have to understand that I`m like anybody else. When I hear my voice on a record I absolutely loathe my voice. I cannot stand my voice.

I think Pete did have a hard time as a kid with his appearance. But don`t all kids have a hard time? God, I had a hard time, too. I was little with bow legs and rickets. I used to get picked on like everybody used to get picked on.

You`re better off being a brick layer if you`re going to play guitar than a sheet metal worker.

It was the worst gig we ever played. (On The Who`s performance at Woodstock)

I don`t like Tommy on Broadway at all. I like the music, I`m pleased with Pete`s success but I don`t like what they`ve done to it.

My love for the band is still there. It hasn`t changed, maybe that`s why it`s so painful these days.

I was making guitars and I was a sheet metal worker and if you ever see sheet metal workers` hands, you`ve never seen so many cuts in your life.

All you could do was to see them. We were backstage when the Beatles were on and you could just about hear a noise. It was just literally screaming.

I don`t know many singers who actually do like the sound of their own voice.

No, I was two years older than the other guys. I was a war baby. My family were a lot poorer than they were. I`d had to fight too hard for anything I had in my life and to smash things up for me.

I think if Keith Moon was here today and you asked him to recall most of his early life or most of his life, he wouldn`t be able to recall it.

In those days I don`t` think they were even demos.

We lived the life with Keith Moon. It was all Spinal Tap magnified a thousand times.

Well, for the My Generation album, there was nothing to be nervous about in them days. We used to take every day as it came. Every day was just a gig and I think we did the recording between gigs literally.

Monterey, I remember, but I seem to remember the Fillmore West, that we played the week before Monterey. That was much more memorable for me. The first time in San Francisco. They were good gigs.

I call it fan fatigue. I went to see Bob Dylan last year, who I think is absolutely incredible, but he suffers from his audience.

I love Sell Out, I think it`s great. I love the jingles. The whole thing as an album is a wonderful piece of work. The cover. Everything about it. It`s got humor, great songs, irony.

I don`t think there`s any way it could have failed. We don`t know failure in this band. We didn`t know failure. We got to know it a little after awhile but at that time there was no such word.

I have to tell you, and I don`t mean this as sour gr*pes or anything, but it is hard to play for fans who see you all the time, makes it much harder.

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