Robert Forster Quotes

(talking about luck in the movie business): "I`m not sure how a guy wins or loses in this business, but somebody`s got to come along and make you lucky.You can`t do it yourself."

(talking about the rules to succeed in Hollywood): "Step No. 1 is you`ve got to have a good attitude, Step No. 2 is accept all things, deliver excellence to whatever is offered, give it your best shot. And rule No. 3 is never quit. It`s not over till it`s over."

(when asked about the reason why Tarantino likes to revive the careers of actors who the show business have written off): "He grew fond of people. He told me that he loved Pam Grier when he was a kid and I guess he saw Alligator (1980) and The Banker (1989) all those pictures that I worked on during those years and apparently he said, `I like this guy and one of these days I`m going to use him.`"

(talking about his comeback and the comparison with John Travolta`s career turn in Pulp Fiction):"If I get ten percent of John Travolta`s bounce, I will be thrilled."

(talking about his character in Jackie Brown): "This is the great noir hero.If Humphrey Bogart or Robert Mitchum were around today, they`d be playing that role."

(talking about Quentin Tarantino and his relashionship with the cast):"This guy is very smart, and he`s great to his actors. He wants them to be great. He keeps the stuff fresh. When he gave me the script he knew I hadn`t had a big part like this in twenty-five years and he said, "Here, read this, and don`t put any pressure on yourself. Just prepare the way you normally prepare." And I said, "Oh, what a liberating thing." This guy is totally secure. He doesn`t seem to be worried about anything. He`s as good a guy as I have ever worked with. He screened movies once a week for his crew. One of them was American Perfekt (1997), a recent indie film I did.The last week of production he threatened to screen it for the crew and I said to him, "Listen, there`s a tiny bit of `adult content` in this, so I don`t want to hear any catcalls. I don`t know if it this is the right thing to screen." He got on the walkie-talkie and said "Hey, anybody who wants to see Forster naked come on in!"

I wouldn`t know, but I just know this: If I can ever find a character where I get laughs, I hope that is the thing that endures. There`s nothing better than getting a laugh. (on what roles he`s played that will endure best through the passage of time)

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