Richie Havens Quotes

It`s the first time that the original people were invited back to play, ... They`re doing it right. It`s going to be a wonderful 30th anniversary and reunion. I`m looking forward to it.

I told him, `You don`t need to get gigs from the union. You can make your own band,` ... That`s how he did it. He went down to the coffeehouse I told him to go to. A month later, I`m around the corner at another cafe. Friend of mine comes up and says, `You gotta hear this band! This guy was great!` And I went around the corner and went, `It`s him! It`s that guy!` He was so magical.

You`ve got to go down to the Village. That`s where it`s happening.

When I flew over the crowd, that`s what I said to myself, ... I said, `If they put this picture in the newspaper, it`s all over for them, because now they can`t hide us anymore .`

It`s a brand new world, and it`s just beginning again, but on such a wonderful level of being able to communicate with each other directly, being able to talk to people all over the world,

In the last two years, the youngest people are asking me for the oldest songs, ... I`m talking kids . It blows my mind. I look at them and go, `How could you have heard that song? I haven`t sung it in 20 years.` It`s like I`m just starting now. I finally got a career.

Go around the middleman; get your music straight to the people, ... You`ve got the Web now. Do it. Don`t even hesitate. Because people want to hear real music, and there`s a lot of talented kids out there, millions of them as far as I`m concerned, and they really have something to say. And they just needed their medium, and now they have it. That`s what I tell them. Go to the Web ... but do it.

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