Neil Diamond Quotes

"It`s very difficult for me to say `I love you` but to sing `I love you` for me is easier."

I`m not there to entertain people. We`re there to do something together.

I never expected that I would be doing this for as long as I`ve been doing it. So looking back and seeing that it`s been over 40 years since the first hits makes you think, `Is there a time that you stop?` But I don`t think I`m ever going to stop. It`s the only challenge I have left in my life.

I want to know what marathon runners do. Because I do the same thing. I run a two-hour marathon every time onstage. So I have my electrolytes kept at a certain level, and I do my carb-loading after the shows for the next night.

Somehow it`s dawning on me that I`m a more mature individual and I`m not a kid writing `Cherry, Cherry` anymore.

I already have `Sweet Caroline.` Most of these people haven`t heard `Hell Yeah` or `Man of God,` but I see them and they`re listening, and that`s really all I want.

This is my job. Someone much greater than me gave me that job. He said, `You, you with that stupid look on your face - go out and sing until I tell you to stop.` I haven`t heard the word yet so I`m just going to keep doing it.

Don`t need to say please to no man for a happy tune.

`I am,` I said To no one there, And no one heard at all.

Pride is the chief cause in the decline in the number of husbands and wives.

Some are born who never need them, Others still who never read them, signs.

I thought love was more or less a giving thing. Seems the more I gave, the less I got.

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