Michael Hurst Quotes

Many POWs went home and were discouraged from talking about their time in Taiwan. Therefore, we must work harder to make sure these men are never forgotten.

The story is about the truth of children`s faith. All those things that we tend to lose when we become adults or get warped by politics or whatever. They`re the best things to retain. Good will triumph over evil.

He needs to know the actors have done lots of theatre ... made us quite nervous, actually,

You deal with things - unless you are mad. Generally if a husband leaves a wife for a younger woman, it`s horrible but there are ways of dealing with it. What Albee has done in this situation, I say to her, `I take it you want to talk about it`. Well, how do you talk about something like that?

The POWs called these rescuers the angels of mercy.

It took us 24 hours to get to North Carolina, and $125 in gas. I`m just glad we made it and everyone`s safe.

Bad guys are always going to be the ones the kids are going to get one up on at some point. So there was quite a lot of falling over. And even though I could run super-fast and had the strength of 20 men, there was still quite a bit of falling on me bum.

It`s not designed to offend; the play is not about that.

You`ve got to keep in mind that Albee says he is working towards a new definition of tragedy,

There`s great separation between the communities, which allows you to create a different world for each different episode. You can lock down looks.

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