Kevin McDonald Quotes

"When I was a kid, my dad was a drunk, and he would sometimes try to kill me and my sister. Well, he didn`t really, but he said he would, and it scared us. I knew I had sort of a comic talent, comic timing, and I wanted to be a comic actor. When things were bad, I would go to bed crying and think, "I`m gonna be really famous. I`ll show him." So I tried to do that, and as a result, I met the other guys.(The Kids In The Hall.) By the time of the TV show, the quest for being famous had melted away, and it became about loving the work. I really fell in love with the work. I learned how to write, and there I was on TV for five years. As a result, I became semi-famous, because I stopped caring about it. I honestly thought that if I kept caring about it, I wouldn`t be known."

"They love me in France."

"Hi, I`m Kevin McDonald, or as many of you know me, the Kid in the Hall we don`t like."

"I am sexy. . . oh, maybe not to the average Joe of sexy, but to the connoisseur of sexy, I`m hot, I`m very hot!"

"Do you really think this soup can bring about world peace?"

"I`m nutty bunny number three, the cutest bunny is always me!"

"Couldn`t I have just one hand free? How much trouble can I get into with just one hand?"

"Can`t fix the car without a whole lotta milka."

"I have demons. . . polite demons that would open the door for a lady carrying too many parcels, but demons nonetheless!"

"I feel as if I`m playing myself only more feminine, and to me more feminine means smarter."

"I don`t say funny things, I say things funny."

We always thought that we`d go on from the show to have a career in movies.

So the laughs had to come from the character, not because we had balloons in our shirts or were speaking in high voices. That was very important to us.

Oh, completely liberating because even if you don`t do a woman right, you just have to put on high heels a wig, a bra and a dress, and I feel liberated.

And we know Bruce Campbell from way back, so that was a lot of fun.

I would also would have liked the part of the Bus Driver.

You know, I`ve never seen South Park, just by coincidence.

What I always say is that we`re the illegitimate children of Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lewis.

We were really proud of it, and we wanted to pull a Mary Tyler Moore and quit while we were still ahead and the quality was still good.

We never thought the first movie would bomb.

I think Holy Grail is funnier, but Life of Brian has the best combination because it`s a simple enough plot to just string a lot of sketches on it.

I feel that I`m sort of playing me but more feminine, and to me more feminine means smarter.

He sort of gets comic moments. Not a lot of directors do.

I can`t explain it, but spiritually it makes sense - though I don`t understand how it does make sense.

We of course had big plans to change everything because we wanted to be like a rock band, like the Black Crows, do a different set every night.

Of course Toronto might as well be Buffalo, because we get each other`s TV.

We`re doing 3000 seaters before that we never played anything more than 1000.

Yes, they allowed us to play around a lot because, like we said, the director`s such a good comedy director.

I had to learn how to drive because I didn`t drive in Toronto.

We end the show with something that`s never been on TV because it was too big for a sketch but we couldn`t stretch it out to make a whole episode because it would have been too long, but we always thought it was really good.

Anything that was perverse and silly would be Kids in the Hall.

Well... Actually I got picked because I was the only one who fit the wedding gown - they had my size.

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