John Rhys-Davies Quotes

One of my abiding memories is being halfway up a mountain and watching two men carrying a basket with my clothes up to me, and another two carrying my armour and axe, then a woman carrying my helmut up, and finally another with my big, heavy boots to give that dwarfish trouser-look. Then they put it all on me and the director said `now run up that hill`. - on shooting Fellowship of The Ring

On a 4th Indiana Jones - "Every three or four years the rumours start again, but any new script has got to be approved by Steven, and by George, and by Harrison. Everyone would like to do one, but the script has got to be better than the other three. Every year Paramount must send boxes of goodies to all three, saying `please please please make us another one.....`"

On why he left Sliders: "I like SF. I love intelligent SF. We had the most wonderful series concept with Sliders, but we did everything that had been done before and we did it every damned episode. We did Species. We did Tremors. We did Twister. We did War of the Worlds. We did The Island of Dr. Moreau. It was out of control, just out of control. In the end, Sliders wasn`t the worst experience I ever had. I was just disappointed. Again, I love SF. I`m a passionate believer in Sliders. The series could have been great. The public always understood that of Sliders. The public understood that you could go anywhere in the galaxy. The writers, though, would try to graft a Law and Order story, or something they had done or seen before, onto Sliders and just make the characters work around it."

I`d love to spend more time on the Isle of Man. I love the anonymity of putting on a boiler suit and going down to buy parts for the compressor. And Norman Wisdom`s a neighbour; I salute him occasionally.

The context of being a dangerous actor is in drama. You should feel that a person is capable of doing dangerous things to you or to the other characters. I really don`t have much much time for people who imagine that danger is confined to hitting cameramen off stage and getting drunk.

Every time I meet little boys and girls I do get asked about Sallah. Generally, the line is, "Can we have 10 or 15 of your autographs to trade at school?" Even 10 or 15 of mine are not really enough to get one Harrison Ford. But I enjoy acting. It`s not that I begin to think I`m getting better. I now fully know that I`ve made no improvement whatsoever since I was 20. I can live with it.

Villians are a lot of fun. My villains have a lot of tongue-in-cheek. They are sometimes conscious of and a little bit gleeful of their villainy. But I actually despise certain forms of villainy. In England, we have a class of villain that`s very proud of itself. I`ve found them totally uncharming. I`m not the slightest bit impressed by how he has robbed a bank, how he has killed someone. I only once played a real villain. He was based on the life of a real man. I really didn`t like him. I played him for what he was worth, which was a bullying, cowardly, malevolent, treacherous son-of-a-b*tch. Although he had a measure of charm -- the little sh*t.

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