John Crawford Quotes

I was off spinning these raunchy fiction stories with dialogue, and that`s not really what my professor wanted. About halfway through the semester, I caught on to what she wanted. I had to play catch-up just to get a C. I was happy to get that C.

Um, I`m doing an interview with Wisconsin Radio in a few minutes, and then I`m supposed to fly to Washington to do `Hardball,` but I`m waiting to see what happens with the hurricane (Katrina). My life is really kind of surreal right now.

The Americans act like kids, basically. And the Iraqi people thought of us as big children.

They said Saddam had the electricity in Baghdad back on two months after the first Iraq War. It`d been two years after the start of the war when I was there, and the greatest nation on Earth couldn`t even keep the lights on. It`s understandable they`re upset.

It was a unique experience. It was cool hanging out with them and getting to know them better.

We were all sitting in the most oil-rich country in the world, and even when people could get gas, it was overpriced fuel trucked in by Halliburton from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia,

I was planning to enroll in a master`s program at FSU, instead I took a vacation to Iraq.

I like to use a football analogy. A sports reporter can write in depth and give you a good idea of the game, but you really don`t get it until you play it.

He (Smith) was written up under the dangerous animal code. The humane society didn`t take any animals ... they decided they were legally in the kennel.

Baghdad stinks. There`s constant water in the street. There`s no one to pick up the trash, so it all piles up outside. ... All the American toilet paper was clogging the Baghdad sewer system. It wasn`t built to take it, so there`s backed-up water everywhere and kids playing in it. Baghdad is just a dirty place.

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