Joan Collins Quotes

In 1984: "I enjoyed being an adulteress... taking a certain vengeance for the fact that my husband was not being faithful."

The unfortunate statistics are that there are far more available and fabulous over-40 women than there are available and fabulous over-40 men.

The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.

It is unseemly to undress on stage. I won`t do that.

I have always tried to live my life with enthusiasm and pleasure.

After a certain age, you get the face you deserve.

I`ve never been that keen on Shakespeare.

(On Margaret Thatcher`s 80th birthday) "She`s the Iron Lady and I want to be just like that when I grow up".

The problem with beauty is that it`s like being born rich and getting poorer.

I`ve never yet met a man who could look after me. I don`t need a husband. What I need is a wife.

The easiest way to convince my kids that they don`t really need something is to get it for them.

Even when you win the rat race, you`re still a rat.

(On Italian film director Roberto Rossellini) Rossellini was a stubborn, opinionated genius who had total autonomy over all his productions.

(on George Peppard) He`s arrogant -- the sort of man who expects women to fall at his feet at the slightest command; who throws his weight around. He gives the impression that he`s the star, what he says goes and that nobody else is very important.

I have the absolute utmost respect for soap opera actors now. They work harder than any actor I know in any other medium. And they don`t get very much approbation for it.

I think dieting is bad for you.

On her guest starring role on "Star Trek" (1966): "People still want to talk to me about that episode - some remember me more for that than anything else I`ve done" (Sept/Oct 2006 Star Trek Magazine, Issue #1).

Look, I`m an actress, Larry, I act. It doesn`t matter - I don`t consider myself a star like some people. I am a star, I can only do this.

I consider you as old as you look and feel. And in that case I feel - I feel I`m about 39, like Jack Benny.

I have a lot of male friends.

And I used to write novels and little stories and compositions and I - but I put them away because I started acting when I was 17. So there wasn`t much time.

I think it has something to do with being British. We don`t take ourselves as seriously as some other countries do. I think a lot of people take themselves far too seriously; I find that a very tedious attitude.

Well I`ve written four beauty books as well.

Dynasty was the opportunity to take charge of my career rather than walking around like a library book waiting to be loaned out.

And then I wrote my first autobiography when I - well, it was 23 years ago. And since then I`ve written about one book every two years.

Basically, though, I believe in eating well, not eating too much but eating a variety of foods.

But I have had to give up certain things in my life. One is shopping. Two is lunch with the girls. Three is c*cktail parties, and four is studying my lines.

If life throws you a lemon - make lemonade.

And I kissed a lot of frogs as well, but no, I kissed a lot of frogs and now I`ve found my prince.

He`s also very bright. Very knowledgeable about everything. And we agree about everything. He`s my best friend. He`s my partner. We share everything.

I do it because I love acting, I love working, and whether it`s radio, television, films, theater, I don`t care as long as I can get out there and do it.

I`ve never chased fame. I came into this business to be a theatre actress. I was nine when I first appeared on stage. But I can`t say I would turn my back on fortune. I`m someone who enjoys the benefits of money. I created a lifestyle for myself. Nobody else did it for me. Everything I have I`ve bought with my own money.

I`m extremely happy in my life. I consider myself to be very blessed.

(on her character in "The b*tch") She appears to have the world by the balls, but underneath she`s trying to solve the problem of loneliness, which I think is the universal problem of all rich people.

Age, in my opinion, has no bearing at all, that is unless, of course, one happens to be a bottle of wine.

I really feel now like a native New Yorker. And I`m very happy here.

I received an OBE from the Queen, which probably doesn`t mean anything in America but is quite nice in England - the Order of the British Empire for services to drama.

And we have not found any generational gap at all. If he wants to go a football game, he goes. If I want to go to a fashion show, I go. We don`t have to do everything together. But we like doing most things together.

Age is just a number. It`s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.

I don`t buy into you`re on the slag heap when you`re 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 or whatever.

I think health is another exceedingly important thing.

I mean, even my dressing room at the studio has candles and cushions and cashmere rugs and things.

Yes, I love playing cartoony characters. Been known for that.

I don`t believe in dieting.

(speaking in 1995) "I was thinking, who of the English actresses in the last 30 or 40 years have achieved as much as I have?"

Loneliness is the universal problem of rich people.

I think, Larry, one of the things is I`m a very active person.

I don`t seek to be in the tabloids but I suppose sometimes I go out and I`m wearing something and they take a picture and it`s in.

And I think of that again as I`ve written in several of my beauty books, a lot of health comes from the proper eating habits, which are something that - you know, I come from a generation that wasn`t - didn`t have a lot of food.

Dynasty was the opportunity to take charge of my career rather than waiting around like a library book waiting to be loaned out.

I`m older than my sister so I started writing first. I started writing at school. I was always top of my class in composition, essays, English Lit and all of that.

Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I`ll show you somebody who has never achieved much.

I loathe conflict, and I loathe not getting along well with people, so I always try very hard to be on the best terms with the people I work with.

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