Jennifer Johnson Quotes

Then inside, she was shouting, ?Get on the (bleeping) floor!? The lady officer stuck her foot in the back of one of them (the Murphys) and said, ?What?s poppin??? That?s gang code for ?What have you got??

McCauley called his mother and said he had killed someone.

I guess it is anyone`s guess. She married the guy, so you have to assume there is some sort of love connection.

Clandestine labs are like forest fires cropping up all over the state. When you have something that`s big and contained, at least you can fight it in the same way you always have.

We had a number of different scenarios worked out, but I never expected this, ... I'm totally ecstatic. I wasn't even sure we'd win, but the girls stepped up to the challenge.

A woman (officer)hit the front door with one of those things (a battering ram),

You are left grappling for answers and trying to figure it out. What was she thinking?

We applaud anything that will give law enforcement an extra layer in tracking offenders, ... It will allow us to know unequivocally what they`re doing.

We want Dislocate to be a presence in the community. The Twin Cities has an incredible writing community, and we want Dislocate to be a part of that.

believed was a friend or relative of a Bradley County Jail inmate.

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