Imelda Staunton Quotes

As Vera Drake, I feel Mike has used all of me as a dramatic actress, in a positive sense.

Well, my parents were working people. You just worked. I`ve always wanted a long career, not an instant one. I left Rada, I worked in rep for six years, then I came to London and came to the National Theatre. What`s better than that? I don`t know what`s better than that. `Oh, but surely you wanted to be a big film star when you were 21?` No, because I would`ve been rubbish. Because I spent a lot of time in rep being OK, being very bad, and then being quite good. And I could practice my craft. You know, being exposed that early, to be brilliant in your first job, where do you go from there? It`s given me time, which is a luxury.

Agents and producers have to get you into a box to accommodate their limited imaginations.

We`re all unique as actors. To yourself, you are unique, you have to think `I`m me, I`m not going to bunch myself with other people.` Agents and producers have to get you into a box, to accommodate their limited imaginations.

I reached the point now, where I have become as comfortable on a movie set as I am on stage. Before, I was trying to figure it out, how much should I emote, where should I stand? But now I know more about the camera, and what goes into the mix, technically. I`m much more comfortable doing film now.

After the creation and the filming are over. As you well know, we don`t have a script when we`re shooting. But after the film, the screenplay gets published and you can read the whole thing

All my heroes-Tim Spall, Lesley Manville-are just so brilliant. And I thought, well, I`m not in that league.

I am a character actress, well, let`s say, I am a leading character actress who does interesting, odd parts.

You know you can be very famous without being a great actress, and that`s not good for me.

He`s the nicest ... because he works so hard, and I think he expects other people to work hard. And in my book, that`s enough. We don`t roll into rehearsal at 10.30 and have coffee. We start at 8am, we finish at 8 o`clock at night. I mean, you don`t want to dither around him. And I think that`s fine. I think he`s entitled to say what he wants and what he doesn`t want. He knows a lot about it. He doesn`t have to be nice if he doesn`t want to, just to be charming. (On working with Mike Leigh in Vera Drake (2004))

I go up for a job, someone else gets it, what can I do about that? That might be in another league to me, people being competitive. But it`s not like running a race. I`m not against anyone. I think that`s a much more American thing, that.

I`m not Susan Sarandon. I don`t want to bang a drum. I think I`m just going to say `I`m pro-choice` and leave it at that. (On her view about abortion, something she`s been asked a lot after her role in Vera Drake (2004))

It`s obscene, isn`t it? Just ridiculous. We don`t need any of these things! Give it to people who need it. I`ll never have to buy moisturizer again. I might start eating it soon. - what she thinks about celebrities getting free gifts at award shows.

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