Idris Elba Quotes

Stringer is very calculating and he has to be for so many reasons. He`ll calculates the next steps, shipments, inventory, pays workers..all that. But the wicked part is that he can plan murders because that`s a part of his business. I`ll tell you, if I, Idris, had to contract for murders as part of my job, I couldn`t do it because I have a heart. I have no stomach for ordering other people`s deaths. Stringer just gets in there, orders the deed and bam..that`s`s done and he doesn`t think twice about it. There`s no way I could be that cold. I`m also a more lively kid out there, doing stuff and I can`t just do one thing forever. Stringer is committed to his job and business so much so he doesn`t have much of a personal life so he`s more one dimensional. As for me I have a child, a life, thirst for travel, you know I`m curious..whereas Stringer is more interested in being the best business person and his interests don`t go further than that. - on the differences between him and the character of Stringer Bell from "The Wire".

"Wherever I go the real hard-core drug dealers come up to me and confide in me. I almost feel guilty turning around and saying: `Ello, mate. My name`s Idris and I`m from London.` I don`t want to break the illusion." - On why he uses his American accent when talking to fans of "The Wire".

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