Ian Roberts Quotes

Because of my build I get cast in a lot of henchman-style roles, and I`m happy for people to see me in that dimension if it means I get work.

He was a bit of a wild child. He was using drugs heavily, he wasn`t keeping regular hours, he was a street kid,

I`d just come out and I was (thinking about) all that speculation.

And over a period of, like, months, I got to know Arron really well because I lived basically across the road from the hospital. Any time I seemed to be at the hospital, in the early stages of when I met Arron, he never had any visitors, he always seemed to be on his own.

He was a really spritely, boisterous kid who you couldn`t help but like, because he was so full of life and, and he was cheeky, but never nasty,

I`ve got more of a chance of getting work over there and that`s all I want to do. I don`t care about being famous,

I was told he was stabbed a number of times through the chest and then his body was wrapped in a carpet and dumped in a shallow grave and back-filled and left to rot and rot,

I`d just come out and I was just like ... People are going to think that somehow I`m involved and I was so terrified ... of my own persona, my own profile.

I remember just feeling the weight and responsibility and that moment in my life was just like `My god, Ian, this is going to destroy you`,

I went on just living that illusion that I`d already created for everyone else. I was treating it like a dirty secret or like Arron was this mistake in my life.

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