Ian McDiarmid Quotes

"As an actor, you find yourself in many unusual places."

"He`s terrible. Never turns up. Sends his funny little dummy that gets moved around...most unprofessional." On his co-star "Yoda" in the "Star Wars" films

"George felt that it was just and proper. When he made Empire, we hadn`t met, and he didn`t have a particular idea of who would play the Emperor or how the character would develop. And he had no notion that he would do the back-story - Episodes I, II, and III. So whoever played the Emperor in a mask and added to Revill`s voice wouldn`t seem authentic to the people who are going to watch the entire saga in the right order. It wouldn`t make any sense. Since I was the Emperor (in the other Star Wars films), it felt appropriate that I should be inserted into Empire, and that`s what George did." (on digitally replacing Clive Revill in the DVD release of The Empire Strikes Back)

"And then of course I thought Palpatine was a pretty good character. I like the notion that he didn`t have any psychological subtlety or depth, that he was just solidly evil and the dirtiest word in his vocabulary was `friend`. I thought that was terrific."

"That`s a pattern I`m very happy with. I mean I take theater seriously and I am primarily a stage actor and every now and again a movie comes along and I`m happy to do it if the part`s good."

(on his role as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in "Star Wars") To wear the costume to play the character I`m playing is wonderfully empowering. The colors, the textures...people keep coming up to me and saying, `Is it rubber? Is it leather?` I don`t quite know what it is. It feels reptilian, which is exactly right.

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