Huey Lewis Quotes

New York was the inspiration for The Heart of Rock and Roll and Workin` for a Livin`. There are a lot of songs in the streets of New York.

I don`t tap dance, and I don`t think you can learn to tap dance in three weeks at my ripe old age.

The idea was to write the songs as they came to us, rehearse them, play them on the road, then, when there were 12, take them into the studio.

I may be the most recognizable name in the cast, but I can guarantee that I am not the most talented.

I know my choices will be creative so long as I follow my heart.

Our first record, `Huey Lewis And The News`, was seen by no one - it sold 25 copies.

Film is a lark to me - thank God I don`t have to make a living from it.

I was knocked out by the show, Chicago.

A lot has been written and said about why he was so great, but I think the best way to appreciate his greatness is just to go back and play some of the old records. Time has a way of being very unkind to old records, but Elvis` keep getting better and better.

Today, it`s very tempting to create songs by cutting and pasting in the studio.

I am deluded enough to think I can bring something to the table.

We had several hits in the States but probably only one big one in Europe. The crowds are smaller.

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