Geoffrey Rush Quotes

It`s their story, and I got to be the guy in the back while they were in the foreground.

I often thought I was in the wrong business. I was pretty seriously thinking of tossing it in before I shot Shine. I do not know why. I was pretty restless, I had been through a bad period of stress induced anxiety - panic attacks - and I was not sure of what I wanted to do.

I always had a fantasy of being a chef, because I like kitchen life.

(about Quills) When you get to tongue kiss Kate Winslet and get paid for it, you say: I`ll sign!

When people come to me and tell me I was terrific in this or that, I do not want to fall flat on my face the next time. But, tough, I have fallen flat before. You just get up and dust yourself off.

My eye muscles hurt now when I read our MasterCard bill.

I did not want to put myself on the line, as an Australian playing Britain`s greatest comic actor. The fans of Sellers are obsessive, possessive - and aggressive. I did not want to risk their anger - or my own reputation.

Yes, anally retentive men are my forte!

This is what happens when you are on the wrong side of 40. Young adults, who could be your children, are now working with you. I was playing their parents or mentor. I started to think: Oh, I am not part of that group any more.

(Regarding he and Joseph Fiennes appearing in both Shakespeare in Love (1998) and Elizabeth (1998)) "He got to make love to Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett. All I got was an Oscar nomination".

People are intrigued and fascinated, almost obsessed with the private lives of great public personalities.

My career has been in theatre for 23 years, with spits and coughs in bits and pieces of films. Scott (Hicks) very nicely said my entire career had been my audition (for the role in Shine (1996)).

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