Devon Sawa Quotes

"Live long, play hard.... Oh, wait, that`s Nike"

"I don`t know if I have ever been in love."

"My fans made me, but sometimes there`s some weird stories about me, my favorite color, the kind of girls I like, all of that stuff that`s just not true and I never said it. All I ask is that my fans don`t believe everything they read."

"There are tons of things that have been written about me on the Internet that are total crap. I`ll go on to these fan sites and think, where the hell did that come from? All of a sudden I have two gerbils and four goldfish? I mean, really, two gerbils? And they`re named Coke and Pepsi or something like that? Come on!"

The next movie I do is not going to be in school.

I want do some kind of action movie, car chases and explosions.

When the movie`s on, I usually watch more of the audience.

I look for things that are going to challenge me as an actor.

For instance, when I go to the premiere on Tuesday I probably won`t watch the film at all - I`ll be watching the audience just to see their reaction to different moments, what I`m doing right and what I`m doing wrong, stuff like that.

I took six months off, finished high school, and hung out with friends.

Yeah, I love doing ensemble pieces. You get to meet so many new people and make new friends.

Final Destination was the closest thing I`ve done to a teen movie but it certainly had an edge to it.

I guess I`m growing up in the film world.

I`ve tried to steer away from them as much as I can and do things that are a little bit outrageous, edgier, something that hasn`t been done.

I`m trying to go through the whole process of high school to college to work.

I`ve always been interesting in the lighting aspect and always listened to what they were saying.

I don`t think I want to play a teenager anymore.

For every 10 good things, there`s always some jerk that wants to say something bad.

Id like to do an action film or a dark sort of independent piece.

I would definitely stay in the business, be behind the camera maybe.

I wouldn`t want to direct. I see how much work it is.

I`ve never liked the press part of it (no offense), but it comes with the job.

I was a hyper kid in school and the teacher suggested to my mom she needed to do something with me.

I can`t do talk shows, I don`t do them, just because I get really nervous and fidgeting and shaky.

You know, I`ve never shot a gun in a movie.

I spent most of my high school years on movie sets and I`d have like one teacher, which was really bad.

I started off in a small theatre performance company and worked my way into commercials.

I would like to do something a little bit more edgy.

I`m living with two guys. I`m living with a slob and a guy who sleeps all day.

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