Barbara Cook Quotes

I look back at photographs and I remember at the time I thought I was not very attractive.

I sang for my family. And I think probably the first time I sang and got paid for it, I was about 6 or 7.

I have absolutely no desire and no thought of quitting ever.

If you`re happy, you eat. If you`re sad, you eat. You lose a job, you eat. You get a job, you eat. It`s, you know, it`s addiction.

Young people who are just starting out somehow need to let you know they know how to sing.

New Year`s Eve, we`re going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section.

All of these deep, deep emotional things, good and bad, so that if you`re able to do that, then there`s a kind of resonance that happens.

Even within the last three or four years, I have a greater ability to communicate, I think. I have more courage to show the stuff... And it does take courage.

On Saturday afternoons, there was a film, of course, and then we did about four shows between the films. And I would do a tap dance, a little military tap.

I remember feeling that. I couldn`t do, nor did I want to do, the kinds of roles I`d been doing.

I stopped drinking because my body simply would not do it anymore. And fortunately, when I saw that I might not be able to work, that did it for me.

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