Abigail Breslin Quotes

"It was the coolest experience ever! I hadn`t done any other movie roles, so I was really nervous."
( about her first movie role in Signs )

"Everyone was just so nice. The director would ask me if I was ok with my scenes and if something was too scary. Joaquin was great too. We would thumb-wrestle between takes. I always won!"
(her Experience on set of Signs)

"On Signs, I didn`t even know it was about aliens. The press asked me how I liked working with aliens and I went "Aliens? What are you talking about, man?" (her role in Signs)

"Well, actually I think that laughing scenes are harder. They`re harder than crying scenes. Especially if it is right before a crying scene. Because you have to get motivated for a laughing scene and then you have to get motivated for a crying scene. It`s very hard to laugh because you`re not actually laughing. But crying you`re like, da da da da da, done." (sad scenes verse laughing scenes in Raising helen)

"Oh right. During the fighting scene, after about the third take my mom went over to Garry and said, "You know Garry, I don`t think they`re acting any more. I think they`re really starting to fight." And Garry said, "I know. We like that. We like Harriet... or Abigail and Spencer fighting. We like that." (filming the fighting scene in `Raising Helen`) "I was acually pretty scared because everyone just stood up and I`m from New York so when people stand up, It`s time to evacuate"
(the first screening of little miss sunshine at sundance)

"The dancing scene it was alot fun"
(final dance scene in LMS)

"Its so cool, so much fun, im so glad everyone liked this movie"
(about LMS)

"My mom told me once that when I was three or four I saw this kid on the swingset and I went up to him and said, Where do you work? And he said, Well I dont work, and then my mom told me i gave him a look like, wow! You don`t work your such a slacker."
(about her working)

"thats really cool, SO guess what this kids said to me in school today, so they don`t really care that much"
(about what her friends think of her being an actress)

"I want to do wardrobe. I want to do hair. I want to do makeup. I want to do writing. I want to do directing. I want to do all of it. I like it. And I want to do producing." (about her career)

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